Welcome to The Family Wicca!

Mother Maiden Crone

We are so glad you decided to stop by for a spell! The first thing we should tell you is who we are! The Family Wicca is several covens of Witches, and solitaires, from different systems of Witchcraft. The main core coven is a family of Generational Witches, which means we are related or have taken our Year and A Day program and have decided to join together to create a diverse group of Wiccans that learn and grow from one another.  This group is organized and led by our High Priestess, Mother Willow Moon.

We had many reasons for creating this site, but the most important reason was for YOU! The Neophytes (beginners), Solitary Witches, and the seasoned Witches loving who they are and wanting to truly LIVE Wicca everyday of their lives.  We are a unique site that is not a regurgitation of all the other sites out there. Our ideas and information comes straight from the members of the Family Wicca.

A Witch with the saying I follow the Old waysThe entire reason that we decided to create this world-wide group was to educate and inspire Witches in every area and phase of their lives. Witches are people too! We want to develop good budgets for our family using our world view and culture. We want to see how our world view helps us becomes successful at work, home, as a mom, as a dad, as a leader, etc… Then there are those who want to learn how to become a Witch, follow those principles and ideas and incorporate it Spiritually and practically to every area and phase of their lives.

We are still growing online. Mother Willow Moon and others are hard at work taking all our traditions and ideas and putting them up on this site to help other Witches learn to love who they are and what they do. This means we want to have classes based on Wiccan ideas for Parenting, Marriage, Money, Success, etc.. As well as Wiccan Home Schooling, Teen Witches, Tween Witches, Children, Toddlers, Pregnancy, Empty Nest, etc…. (For and about them). Anything that will help our lives as Witches become easier, happier, inspiring, more efficient, victorious, and more knowledgeable. We want Family Wicca to enrich lives.

There is so much out there about the “How” and “What” about being a Witch, but not much out there about Why or How to incorporate it into your life once you begin to practice it. We are a culture too. We are a Wiccan Culture. Some of us are Solitary and others part of a Coven or Group. No matter which one you belong to… There is a NEED for Witches to blend their ideas into the different areas of their lives so that being a Witch can be WHO we are!

The Family Wicca was created to fill in that GAP. That need for guidance and support in what we believe. That need to bridge the gap between KNOWING and LIVING.

We have many Social Media and community projects that we created to help all of us come together to share, learn, and inspire one another.  Here are a few that you can check into:

Family Wicca Facebook Page

Facebook imageAura and the rest of our crazy bunch share our lives on our Facebook page. We ask for recipes, gardening tips, craft ideas, and other inspiration from our fans.  Mother Willow Moon post updates for the class, shares her favorite music, and some wicked cool graphics.  Not to mention Aura shares her amazing photography, ideas for creating Wiccan tools and other crafty things to spruce up your home or sacred space.  We also love to give stuff away! So go check us out… Family Wicca Facebook Page!

Family Wicca’s Book Club 

Group of Witches at a tableThis is where we share some of our favorite reads! Aura and others share free Kindle books that can inspire you as a witch or send you on a wild adventure into your imagination. We also share books for your children for the season. We are working on creating an online group that reads a book together. So grab some coffee, bring your laughter, and come share with us there! Just follow the link and one of us will add you to the group! The Family Wicca Book Club

The Year and A Day Program

Want to learn more about Wicca or Mother Willow Moon? The Family Wicca offers a free Year and A Day Study! Here is the Introduction Video! Check it out!

This class includes all the worksheets, videos, and supporting documents free! Mother Willow Moon reviews all homework submitted! Simply go to the Year and A Day link under Family Wicca Kappa in the navigation bar and see how to join!

We have several exciting things happening here on The Family Wicca and we are still growing! So check back often so you can see what new things we have available for you. We even have a site update email that you can sign up for on our sidebar! We are hard at work creating the best site that offers all the information you need to live Wicca through All the Phases of Your Life!