Welcome to The Family Wicca!

Mother Maiden CroneYAY Spring has arrived here in Maryland!  Boo that the snow has all melted and we can see the disaster that is our yard! ahhahahah That is okay though. It means we get to spend some time in nature and working with it to create the environment we want to see.

The sun is shinning again and all our animals are finding their spot to lay in its glow. I love the smell of the daffodils and tulips that are blooming around the area. So beautiful.  I have one tree that is taking its time to bloom, but I can see the baby buds trying to burst through.  Oh how I love the spring. 

Witches across America are getting out in their yards to clean up and prepare for their beautiful gardens.  Faerie villages are coming to life in back yards everywhere and little pebble walkways are becoming the playground for children’s imagination.  Parks are full of laughter and people are smiling more.  Isn’t it amazing what the energy of this Earth can do to every single inhabitant that calls it home?  You can physically see the change in the physical realm all because of the movement of the seasons.

Right now at The Family Wicca we are in the tweaking and cleaning phase of the year.  We are still trying to figure out the best way to offer all we can to you wonderful Witches and Neophytes that can help bring Wicca alive for you.  We have a full schedule of Classes to prepare for, and this year Mother Willow Moon will be hosting the Family Cauldron on Agelessknowledge.tv! We have also opened a secret group called The Family Wicca Book Club on Facebook for all you avid readers out there! Come and share what books you love and those you share with your children! Send us an email so we can add you to the group at bookclub@thefamilywicca.com! 

Want to learn more about Wicca or Mother Willow Moon? The Family Wicca offers a free Year and A Day Study! Here is the Introduction Video! Check it out!

This class includes all the worksheets, videos, and supporting documents free! Mother Willow Moon or Ember review all homework! Simply go to the Year and A Day link under Cyber Classes in the navigation bar and see how to join!

We have several exciting things happening here on The Family Wicca and we are still growing! So check back often so you can see what new things we have available for you. We even have a site update email that you can sign up for on our sidebar! We are hard at work creating the best site that offers all the information you need to live Wicca through All the Phases of Your Life!