GoddessWhen you say the word Wicca it conjures up many images in the mind’s eye. Some think of women in a circle surrounding a child to either take his or her blood or energy. Some see a bunch of hippies hugging trees and living off the land. Still others see delusional people who play Dungeons and Dragons, eating tofu, and planning their next Cos Play outfit.

First let me say, that Witches are both Male and Female. In other words, our circles have both not just women. There are some of us that like the hippie lifestyle and even play Dungeons and Dragons or role play, but we would never harm another living thing. It is one of our tenants… Harm none. That doesn’t mean there are not those we would love harm on a daily basis! LOL We just have amazing self-discipline and self-control. Some days we need more of it to keep from hurting people who like to get on your nerves! The sad thing is most of those people are our own family and friends! ahhaahahhaahah

Cause and Effect

Wiccans know how much power they have and they understand the consequences for harming others. We understand that everything we do has either positive or negative consequence. There is no escaping the effects of our choices. They always come back around to us. No matter what we put out… positive or negative it will determine the quality of existence we experience. For example, if you are disciplined with your money and save it, you can own that new TV, Car, or go on vacation without incurring any debt. The consequence of saving for something and paying cash brings the effect of no stress over paying for it later. The consequence for murdering someone, will either have you running for the rest of your life from the law, or in jail for years if not a lifetime. The effects of murdering someone is the stress of being hunted by the police or being separated from society. That is what drives us to learn self-control. Understanding the law of cause and effect is what keeps us from doing harm, not because we are soft and unable to defend ourselves. We simply want to live a full life with little to no negative energy crowding out the joy.


Wicca is a religion, culture, and world view. It encompasses more than just dawning a cloak and walking out under the moon. It is a personal path of spiritual discovery. The way each of us celebrates it is as diverse as the people who live it. No one person or coven can define this path. However, we can express the thought process, the stages of discovery, and the principles by which most of us live it. If we believe all paths are valid, then we believe that all traditions are valid within the Wiccan Community too. So, it would be against our own principles to tell someone that if they do not practice this faith a particular way then they are not really Wiccan. Wiccans have some specific beliefs, but once past those standards we are free to worship and practice how we feel led to. For those of us who actually live it, we would simply define it as… home.

Wiccan VS Witch

The Old WaysWiccans are Witches. However, not all Witches are Wiccan. Wiccans live by the 13 Principles of Belief, believe in polarity (masculine and feminine), and use craft of the wise (witchcraft) to handle everyday issues. Wicca is both a physical and spiritual path for us. We walk in both realms and are sensitive to the energies that surround us.

Wicca is a self-governed religion, we do not have “leaders” or “gurus” per say. We do have mentors and teachers that we respect and we take into consideration their wise counsel. However, in the end each Witch is responsible for their own way of expressing their faith.

We believe in the Three Fold law, which states whatever you send out… positive or negative… will return to you three times as great. Some call this Karma, some say what you reap what you sow, and still others say you attract what you put out (like attracts like).

Past the basic tenants, we are all different. There are some of us that are very strict in our practice and others that are more laid back. No matter which style you prefer there are many traditions to choose from. Not all of us are Alexandrian, OTO, Gardnerian, Hedge Witch, Strega, Dianic, Generational, etc… We each follow our own path that speaks to us. No one form of Wicca can say they are the only or right way of practicing our faith. Wicca builds on the connection to our deep self and our intuition of what is best for us. Don’t get me wrong! We all have structure and follow the Wheel of the Year and the phases of the moon! We just practice in those structures differently. The key is the results! Are you getting your desired results? IF you answer yes, then you are on the right track. If you are not, then you might want to try something different.

Other than that, we have a lot in common with all the different paths that use witchcraft on a regular basis. If you do not believe those things that does not mean you are not a Witch! It simply means that the Wiccan tradition is not for you. There are several other traditions in Witchcraft that you might enjoy more. That is a personal choice.

The Choice is Yours Alone

However you see it, Wicca is a way of life. It is a rich culture full of beautiful people who express who they are in a many ways. We believe in tolerance and acceptance. We do not agree on everything, but we do not expect others to agree on everything that we believe. We believe all paths are valid… Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Ancestral, etc… Each of us has a path in this life that we need to follow. Wicca teaches that we are all valid and define our spiritual self by what we need in order to learn the lessons we came here for. We simply agree to disagree.

Knowledge, and the application of that knowledge, is Power! So take the time to know what Wiccans are and what each particular tradition stands for. Only then will you know if you are on the path meant for you in this lifetime! Whatever path you choose… make sure it is the one that fits your ideas and connects you to the divine.

About Willow Moon

Mother Willow Moon is the High Priestess of The Family Wicca. She has been practicing Wicca for 23 years and has been High Priestess for 18 years. She has been involved in many different leadership roles within the different communities she has lived in. She believes that leadership is a service to those who desire guidance and structure for their organizations. From Coordinator of a Volunteers network, to Free Counseling and Mentoring of Low Income Families. She has a love for people and a passion for the Craft. She is a writer, speaker, project manager, and teacher of Wiccan Family Principles and Practices. She is the founder of The Family Wicca, One Crazy Witch, The Family Cauldron, and The Melting Witch Programs. She is a beloved leader and mentor of the Family Wicca Covens.
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One Response to Wicca

  1. Carol Hensel says:

    I am so happy that I found your site to follow. I wish I had found you years ago. My spiritual quest has been long and sincere but nothing felt like home. Many great beliefs but I do not feel that the only correct place to worship is in the confines of a building. “harm none” is so pure and the Law of Three is a natural law of the Universe.

    Blessings abound to you for all you do!

    Carol H

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