GoddessWhen you say the word Wicca it conjures up many images in the mind’s eye.  Some think of women in a circle surrounding a child to either take his or her blood or energy.  Some see a bunch of hippies hugging trees and living off the land. Still others see delusional people who play Dungeons and Dragons, eating tofu, and planning their next Cos Play outfit.

First let me say, that Witches are both Male and Female. There are some of us that like the hippie lifestyle and even play Dungeons and Dragons or role play, but we would never harm another living thing. It is one of our tenants… Harm none.

Wicca is a religion, culture, and world view.  It encompasses more than just dawning a cloak and walking out under the moon. It is a personal path of spiritual discovery. The way each of us celebrates it is as diverse as the people who live it.  No one person or coven can define this path. However, we can express the thought process, the stages of discovery, and the principles by which most of us live it. For those of us who actually live it, we would simply define it as… home.

The Old WaysWe created this section to express the way that The Family Wicca covens celebrate and live this path. This is from our point of view, however there are many other points of view that you can find by reading books and surfing Wiccan pages on the Web. 

Wiccans are Witches. However, not all Witches claim to be Wiccan. Wicca incorporates the “spiritual” side of Witchcraft. Some Witches do not use witchcraft to worship.  We have never personally met any Witch that does not claim Wicca, but we do not know every Witch in the world. We simply have seen some on community forums that claim that to be true.  To see how we define exactly what we believe see our About Us section.

In this section you will find Wiccan documents, articles, and other writings that pertain to our path. Each Wiccan defines their own path. With that in mind, we try to give consideration to all the different paths we have come across.  However, we designed this site for the Family Witch, so we teach from that point of view.  Whenever possible we will let you know what others might think to give you some ideas for searching the web for what you are looking for.

Wicca is a self-governed religion, we do not have “leaders” or “gurus” per say. We do have mentors and teachers that we listen to and take into consideration what they have to say.  However, in the end each Witch is responsible for their own way of expressing their faith.  We believe in the Three Fold law, which states whatever you send out… positive or negative… will return to you three times as great.  Some call this Karma, some say what you reap what you sow, and still others say you attract what you put out.

However you see it, Wicca is a way of life.  It is a rich culture full of beautiful people who express who they are in a many ways. We believe in tolerance and acceptance. We do not agree on everything, but we do not expect others to agree on everything that we believe.  We believe all paths are valid… Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Ancestral, etc… Each of us has a path in this life that we need to follow.  Wicca teaches that we are all valid and define our spiritual self by what we need in order to learn the lessons we came here for. We simply agree to disagree.

So take some time and look through our pages in this section.  Get to know us a bit better, and see how Wicca can be so beautiful to so many individuals here on this wonderful planet we claim as our home.